An Extraordinary Life of Ibn Battuta

Posted by on October 10, 2017

The tale of the greatest traveler of pre-modern time Ibn Battuta is an exciting showcase of amazing and exciting life. Ibn Battuta definition of life is hard to express in few words. Ibn Battuta definition is filled with the marvels and inspiration. The man who traveled, educated and enjoyed the beauty of far-flung lands gives amazing life goals. Let’s explore the life of this amazing man with a walk through past.

Home Town and Birth: Ibn Battuta was born in 1304 in the small Moroccan town of Tangier. He was born in the rich family and got an education in Islamic law. Instilled with a passion for acquiring education and meeting with amazing teachers he set out on a journey at the young age of 21.

Tangier at the time was unknown but now it is known as the land of greatest traveler. Moroccans loved the local Ibn Battuta. Ibn Battuta stardom has turned him into a great brand.

The Start of Sensational Journey: He fantasized about meeting great teachers. At that time Islamic civilization was flourishing from Moors in Spain to Persians in Khwarezm Islam was at its height. Being a boy from the small town he wished to travel to distant lands for holy pilgrimage and education.

In his Rihla he described his intentions to travel. He set out alone with no companion and caravan to visit amazing far lands. The Islamic notion of travel in pursuit of knowledge was driving force behind him.

Not Just a Journey but Exploration: He traveled from the North Africa to China and relates extraordinary accounts of his travels. He observed societies, cultures, geography, people and history. He met pious people with great stories. He was given prophecies about his wonderful journeys.

Ibn Battuta accounts of that time are a great source to understand the diverse places. He makes an observation on cities, culture, and rulers. He was fond of politics of local rule and made critical observations.

He acknowledges the beauty of religious sites at a time in the Islamic world. He described Damascus as the place for many numbers of religious foundations. Damascus at that time was one of the centers of knowledge.

Interesting Character: One could imagine the interesting character of Ibn Battuta through his actions. He was a ladies man. He married 10 times and had a number of concubines. He spent time with great rulers and amazing scholars. In India as an ambassador of Sultan, he was given the responsibility to take gifts to China for Emperor.

In the midst of his journey devastating sea storm destroyed his ships. He survived devastating sea storm. In spite of returning, he took a decision and traveled to China. Ibn Battuta definition of life is filled with charm.

Ibn Battuta life sheds a great light on the glorious time of Islamic civilization and his amazing journey through the old time. Traveling enthusiasts have taken inspiration from his and set out on the path of adventure and amazing life. Ibn Battuta definition can be concluded as the extraordinary exploration of old time.

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