How McDonalds is using social media to expand the business?

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Posted by on October 9, 2017

McDonalds is the amongst the best fast food restaurants on the planet. Basically, it is the most appreciable brand and the vast network of its chains are escalated in the world. In order to maintain its reputation and to expand the band, McDonalds is using social media. It is successfully Proclaiming and broadcasting campaigns on social media. It still have to fight against the adverse and pessimistic attention of people. It tends to fight against the contrary promotions of the brand. Hence, people can guess and believe that McDonald’s would be operating their social profiles, intensely.

Use of Social media

Since the use of social media has raised, the social networking sites have become more refined and their use have been increased to a larger extent. Every company publicize its goods and products and share promotions and information relating those goods with its promising customers. For this they mostly rely on social media because a vast population stays active on social networking sites. Companies use social media sites for promotion which help and benefit them a lot. It drags more customers. It is using social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ etc. to publicize itself as well as to expand the network, By using social media McDonalds is gaining more customers as it attracts more people.

McDonalds is among the most prominent and renowned brands in the world. This fact is mirrored in its neighborhood or circle on social media. McDonalds uses Facebook to promote and expand its business via attracting more people. Buy real active Instagram Followers to drag the attention of people and get fascinating thousands of likes on Facebook too. It updates regularly about the offers and deals, they offer, hence all the customers get aware about the menu or deals which it offers, online on Facebook pages. This is the part of their marketing plan and strategy.

McDonalds do much effort in preserving its image. For this it contributes a value time and much of effort to keep its twitter profile active. It updates several posts a day. Feeds on twitter adds more traits and charms to its tweets. Furthermore, it uses the hashtag of its name on twitter with the aim of advertising the content of videos and pictures or the feedback given by their customers .In short it posts the feedback of its customers which is attracting more traffic. It has set a dedicated customer service feed where it reacts and answers to the criticism and objections made by its customers.

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  • Pinterest

Although McDonalds keep up or controls the various accounts for its local and narrow advertisement on social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest is an exclusively allied account for fulfilling the aim of advertisement. Most of the content on Pinterest is pinned from the Flicker’s profile of McDonalds whereas the else comes from the other social media accounts of McDonalds. It has urged the users on Pinterest to pin their food relevant pictures. This is an excellent initiative for constructing or developing a neighborhood on the social media site.

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