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Posted by on October 11, 2017

According to ProPublica which is an American nonprofit organization that investigates the journalism in public interest says that Facebook has offered a self-service platform for ad buying which allowed the people and businesses to directly target the social network users who have showed anti-Semitic views.

The advertisers on Facebook were given permission to target the fields which were anti-semitic ‘Jew hater’ and also included the similar category of individuals showing interest in topics like’ how to burn Jews’ and also the ‘history covering as why the Jews were ruined in the world’. This was available on Facebook until ProPublica reported it and then was removed.

The new updates of Facebook advertisers have showed that these anti-Semitic reviews were raised by the system but not by their employees and clearly depicted the reviews and interests of their users only. Facebook then also said that they have pulled some users of offensive categories and they immediately remove any reviews related to the anti-Semitic category which was raised by ProPublica and until they get hold to the right process to stop or to prevent such issues, it has also got rid of the self-reported targeting fields

It has also made clear that the number of people who were there in this category was very low and small, and also the targeted number of people through the campaign was also very low. Facebook also said that they are trying to look out for the system that shall allow them to first review the category or the campaign before they made it available for the buyers. So marketers can also buy Instagram likes and facebook fan page likes for Instagram followers

Additionally discriminatory and hate speeches were also removed to have any place on Facebook platform. They have also made it clear that their policy and platform prohibits any community standards that are attacking the individuals, this was said based on their protected characteristics which include religion. Also, decimation was also prohibited against any individual and religion.

So the ProPublica platform was able to raise the voice and get the issue solved, although this was a campaign that affected a small number of individuals only still it was able to stop any such negativity for the future. Peace has to be maintained as social media is now a giant and can lead to large changes.

After the presidential elections of United States, the probability for Facebook’s advertising platform came under the light when almost 2 billion people were misusing it as bad actors.

Big modern day challenges were created on the social media as the volume of users using it increases. Facebook has been to try to solve this by hiring an artificial intelligence team and new technology in order to understand the interpretation of the texts and the videos streaming live on social media.

Mark Zuckerberg also announced that additionally, Facebook will hire 3000 moderators in order to review the content generated by the users. Individual ads were also sometimes reviewed by Facebook to keep the situation in order and ProPublica also highlights that there are some moderation difficulties that Facebook will have to persist with.

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